Welcome to Just Kilt Me…   a online shop where you can find some of the best made kilts out there, the tailoring is amazing, the stitching is  excellently mastered. I have teamed up with an amazing tailor overseas… each kilt is handmade and customised  to fit. The material is a brilliant blend of cotton and polyester so they are durable in any weather, the colours are vibrant and spot on traditional to each Tartan pattern. Some of these are exclusive tartans not found anywhere else!  Others will be added over time too! You can special order one including designing your own tartan pattern , enquiries for that are via email.
After nearly 28 years of being in the Public Relations, working with some amazing people including fashions I decided to branch into selling kilts.
Kilts have always been a passion of mine, not only is there a historical and family connection there (along with everyone with at least one person European descent in their tree, but I go into that on my kilt blog). Kilts are some tangible, something real not only does it look good on everyone in an age where people walk around in joggers and flip flops  why not look your best?   
When it comes to choosing a kilt there are a few factors.. the general rule is go with the one associated with your family name and recent family history But you have to factor in if there is one clan in your tree (practically everyone does) then there are other clans in your tree as well. Allot of clans were related and people married their 5th cousins for the most part of human history and actually still do. The Stewart, Balfour/Bethune, Bruce, Campbell, Douglas Clans and a few others were notorious of marrying into virtually every clan out there and into England, Wales, Ireland, Mann and beyond. So in a nutshell you can wear whatever kilt you want to or feel a connection to, if you like the colours, the pattern.  The choice is really up to you no need to be a traditionalist stickler. We will be carrying women’s kilts too but I say anyone of any gender or gender identity can wear a kilt.. Live your KILT with Pride!  NO matter what anyone else say! 
Don’t get just one kilt get a few, they are addictive to have and to wear, easy to put on and off, comfortable, and a sense of freedom if you know what I mean (wink)  I started off with one  and now I have 9! 
Kilts take a fortnight (2 weeks) from the time your order, rest assured your kilt will be made in a timely manner.. just plan out a head of time there is no way to really rush it.  Along with kilts we carry exclusive Welsh Dragon Kilt Pins, Belt Buckles and Sporrans, other kilt pins, buckles and sporrans will be added over time.  We will also be offering exclusive Tee Shirts and down the road Men’s Tartan Underwear!
Enjoy my Kilt’s and more shop.. Please check out my Kilt Campaign and blog, along with our affiliated people in the select banner ads and friends page. 
Remember Just Kilt it!
Allen, Baron Of Otter